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Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside our 2023-2024 free teacher calendar:

Back-to-School Icebreakers, Hispanic Heritage Quotes, and Halloween Jokes

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August brings a whole month of classroom icebreakers to kick off the school year, and September has a terrific selection of quotes for Hispanic Heritage Month. In the October calendar, you’ll find tons of Halloween jokes to make your students laugh.

Gratitude Prompts, Random Acts of Kindness To Share With Kids, and New Year’s Goals

Calendars of November, Dec, Jan as example of free teacher calendar

A perfect way to wrap up the year! In November we have a gratitude challenge, while December focuses on acts of kindness. And check out the January calendar for New Year’s goals.

Black History Facts, Learning About Women’s History, and Poetry Month Prompts

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In February, we’re recommending a picture book biography for every day of Black History Month. Then March brings fun facts for Women’s History Month. Celebrate Poetry Month in April with a writing prompt for every day.

Asian-American Heroes, a Summer Reading Challenge, and a Summer Relaxation Bucket List

Calendar sheets as example of free teacher calendar

Learn about Asian-American and Pacific Islander heroes for May. And take our summer reading challenge in June! For the month of July, we’ve got the ultimate summer relaxation bucket list for teachers.


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